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The Yoke Breaker ~ Bro Philemon Okeke

Topic: The Yoke Breaker Text: Isaiah 10:27 Speaker: Bro Philemon Okeke PROPHECY: Isaiah 43:18-19 – God would answer one of your prayer points that would make you forget all your prayer points since January. A yoke is a wooden bar used to join two animals. As long as a yoke is connected to any animal, […]
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The Word works wonders ~ Pst. Ezekiel Odeyemi

Topic: The Word works wonders Text: Mark 1:40 – 42 Speaker: Pst. Ezekiel Odeyemi The Spoken word is the ultimate weapon amongst all weapons ever created. The spoken word works wonders. It could Bless, Revive and also deal with your adversary. God does not waste His word. Whenever God speaks then there is a
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The Word Prevails over Darkness ~ Pst Gboyega Shitta

Topic: The Word Prevails over Darkness. Text: John 1 : 1-14 Speaker: Pst Gboyega Shitta These three can is established in our opening text The Word was in the beginning. The Word was with God. The Word was God. If the Word was in the beginning and the Word was with God and there is […]
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Beyond the Letters ~ Pst. Kenny Agbanigo

Topic: Beyond the Letters Text: 2 Cor. 3: 5 – 8 Speaker: Pst. Kenny Agbanigo Introduction: The word of God is a messenger of deliverance. Letters are written messages. Letters are also called Epistles. According to our opening text letters are called inscriptions of the law. The word of God is not just
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The Efficacy of the Word ~ Pastor Kehinde Ademola Agbanigo

Topic: The Efficacy of the Word Text: Job 6:25 Speaker: Pastor Kehinde Ademola Agbanigo How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove? – Job 6:25 (KJV) Breakthrough is set to happen when an applied force is more than the resistant force. This force must be generated by the word of Life.
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